EXOTYQ is a marketplace where visitors can shop for brands with a story. Each brand has a story of creation to share, inspired by one or more of the six themes that define the soul of the platform namely, Artisanal,Designers,Experiences,Gourmet,Celebrations and Clothing. EXOTYQ offers a comprehensive range of products ranging from clothing and furniture to home decor and many more. What is unique about these products is that they are all specially curated and sourced from the roots. Products are created and curated specially for EXOTYQ to bring a unique shopping experience to you.



  • A socially responsible platform.
  • Creators only! No resellers.
  • Not a ‘discount’ platform and not pushing mass marketed products
  • Curated marketplace with a lot of soul!
  • Supports artisans, designers, new talent, micro-enterprises etc.
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We currently do not ship internationally but very much plan to do so in future.

Till then you can see prices in US$,save products to your wish list,curate and share collections of products you like and do many other exciting actions...come explore and discover the marketplace of joy.

The US$ prices shown are only indicative product prices. The final price of an order could include additional charges like international shipping and other fees. When we start international shipping all the additional charges will be clearly explained and visible during the checkout process.

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